Our Work for the Nation

Steel Hardware Products

We manufacture an assortment of exquisite steel hardware products, which are widely acclaimed for their superior quality and hi-tech desings. These items are in high demand within many Government Institutions such as CEB, SLT, and LECO. We are unique in our capability of manufacturing all types of steel hardware products as per any specification.

Steel Fabrication

At USS Engineering Steel Fabrication unit, we are fully committed to accomplishment of every project undertaken by us, thus guaranteeing customer satisfaction. We are proud of, and are honoured by, the trust placed in us by our customers. Our hallmark of success in steel fabrication in Sri Lanka, is attributable to our experience, engineering expertise and versatility.

Concrete Products

Our reinforced Concrete Poles Manufacturing unit is playing a major role. We are the first choice of CEB, LECO and SLT. During the past 2 decades, we have delivered concrete poles with superior quality,and we have our own manufacturing yards islandwide. All our concrete poles are customized and made to order,with attractive prices.

Industrial Conveyor Systems

We do Design, Fabrication and Installation of Industrial Conveyor Systems.

Conveyor Systems
  • Belt conveyor
  • Modular belt conveyor
  • Roller conveyor
  • Borderflex belt conveyor
  • Skate wheel conveyor
  • Screw conveyor
  • Vibratory conveyor
  • Vertical lifts
  • Weighing conveyor
  • Telescope conveyor…etc.

Electrical and Automation Solutions

We are a provider of Electrical and Automation Solutions.

Electrical and Industrial automation solutions
  • Electrical and Control Panels
  • HMI, PLC, VFD, Induction Motors
  • IOT and Industry 4.0 Solutions
  • Surge Protection and Lightning Arresters
  • All types of Pneumatic Applications
  • Compressed Air Solutions


We construct sophisticated, elegant structures to the highest standards. Our emphasis is on accuracy, quality and customer satisfaction. Since our past services to the building construction, have been excellent, today we are highly respected by our clientele. We are fully geared to take on the requirements of our clients, with integrity, passion for architecture and high standards, in order to realize their projects' potential.


Over the past several years,we have successfully accomplished projects involving Earth work, Structural work, Culverts, Bridges, Line drains, Causeways, Irrigation structures, Asphalt Laying, DBST Laying, Road Making and Installation of Sign Boards.

Power Transmission Lines

We have effectively made our contribution towards achieving the Government’s objective of illuminating the entire country, by Laying 132kv and 33kv power lines in various parts of the island.

Water Supply & Drainage

Pipe Laying, Construction of Dams and Water Treatment plants, Construction of Reservoirs, Construction of Sewerage and Drainage Systems, are our major water supply services.

Telecommunication Engineering & Construction Work

In Colombo, we have established our Telecommunication Engineering Division in 2003.Now we are fully geared to undertake any type of telecommunication engineering project in any part of the country. Also, we now rank as a Reputed Registered Unit Rate Contractor of SLT, and successfully accomplished the "Deyata Kirula" Government Project at Buttala in the year 2013.

Electrical Engieering Work

With the guidance of experienced professionals, our organization has engineered a variety of notable projects for the Government and the Private Sector. We undertake any project, upon careful assessment of the client's requirement, in order to deliver the best solution.

Design and Consultancy Services

With the past experience of our consultants, we have newly opened our consultancy Division to assist any project in the fields of water, wastewater and electricity. Our consultants offer services and methodologies designed to address technological needs, ranging from strategic planning to rapid implementation and accomplishment of projects.

Railway Items

Rolls, Brake Pads, Connectors, Insulators, Sleeper Pads, Rubber Pads, Fish Plates, Junction Fish Plates and Rail Clips are our main supplies to the Sri Lanka Railways.

Electrical Accessories

Transformers, Surge Arrestors, Porcelain Insulators, Electrical Overload Protection Accessories, Cut-outs, Connectors, Pin Connectors, Solar Panels, and Fuses are the major items imported and supplied by us to numerous institutions.

Water Treatment and Supplies

Water Meters, Chemicals (Aluminum Sulphate), PAC, Hydrated Lime, Bleaching Powder, HDPE/DI Pipes, Valves, Pumps ,Filters, Gun Metal Ferrules, Water Meter Test Benches, Chlorine gas, GI pipes are the items supplied by our Water Treatment Items Division.

Steel Items

We supply steel for Steel Towers, GI pipes, Clamps and Brackets, Plastics Security seals, Electricity meter Seals, Telephone Units, Ladder, Bolt Seals, Sealing Straps.

Electrical & Telecom Cables

High/Low voltage underground or power cables, ACSR (Lynx, Racoon), AAC & AAAC conductors, Multi pair telephone cables, Co-axial xables and Fiber opticals are imported and supplied Islandwide.

LED Bulbs

“TOMA LIGHT” is our new product for Sri Lanka. This LED tube light is currently produced in Japan, and we are the sole agent and distributor of this product in Sri Lanka. Also, we plan to install a manufacturing plant for this product in Sri lanka,in the near future.